The most important points to protect our customers and our staff


  • Customers with fever and respiratory infections are not allowed to enter the salon
  • Our team and our customers are obliged to wear a mouth-nose cover. For color applications we can provide you with a mask.
  • Catering is prohibited, including the distribution of drinks in cans and bottles. Therefore, please bring your own drinking bottle
  • Jackets, coats, bags must be kept in place by the customer. We therefore ask you to enter the salon with as few items as possible
  • Facial services such as eyebrow and eyelash coffins, are not currently allowed
  • Hands and work equipment (including kimonos and towels) are completely disinfected after each customer
  • Waiting areas are not allowed, so customers should be allocated by us. Since we provide a personalized service we ask for your understanding as there maybe  a delay. You may then have to wait a little in your place or outside.
  • In order to contaminate as few surfaces as possible and ensure a high level of hygiene, we have deliberately decided against partition walls to the next customer. They also reduce the circulation of fresh air and keep used air. 1.5 meters distance is always mandatory.